Our Process

We start with questions. You may have questions about what a financial plan looks like. We have questions designed to help us understand you and help you identify what you hope to accomplish.

We guide you, much like a nature guide assists you on a hike or a river guide takes you rafting down a river. We will be with you from picking your “trip” to preparing and then enjoying your adventure.

Step 1

First, during your Discovery meeting, we’ll explore your goals and resources. We help you clearly define those goals. We want to understand what abundance means to you, and what it looks like.

Step 2

Second, we work together to design your plan and run your “what-if” scenarios. You will walk away with a clear idea of what it will take to reach your goals.

Step 3

Third, you will receive your personal map (financial plan) that identifies the steps you need to take. We will review and update that map annually. You will know what you need to do to get on track, and we will help with mid-course corrections. You will be certain what needs to change to get and stay on course.

Get started by setting up a Discovery Meeting today: Contact Us.

When you set up a Discovery Meeting, you’ll get the chance to ask all your questions and will get knowledgeable answers to those questions based upon our decades of experience.

Our process takes the guesswork out of your plan. We have the tools to help you picture your future. All you have to do is contact us for your Discovery Meeting and we guide you from there. It’s that simple. You will receive a few tools/forms to help you organize your goals and financial stuff. We then work together to build your personal map.

At that first meeting, we will have a conversation about your concerns. You can ask your specific questions and unload your financial burdens. We’ll help you picture your future. At our second meeting, we will build your plan with you and answer your questions. You will clearly see your goals and know how to reach them.

We have found that many people are looking for someone they can trust to bring clarity to the increasing financial choices. We have been doing this since 1984 and have the resources and experience to address your financial questions and concerns.

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